Privacy Policy

We at respect our visitor’s privacy, and we take utmost care to safeguard all the personal information yours. Our co-founder Richard Coleman and editor Alexander Reed pay a lot of heed in complying with the industry guidelines and privacy and data protection protocols. We don’t allow leakage of personal data to any third party website that you access from here. However, we won’t be responsible for privacy protection if you enter your personal information on any of the linked third-party sites.

The following document will show you what type of personal information we receive and collect from you. It will also show you how we use them so that we can maintain a transparent relationship.

Information We Collect

Personal Information Collection
The personal information we collect from you is mainly the address of the specific computer or the device that you used for browsing our website. We also collect data that you provide us directly while filling forms or responding to questions. The information we collect is the name, contact data, job profile, education, and experience information. In addition, we also actively collect purchase data, location, cookie, log data, and IP address.

All this information is mainly used by our website to identify you and provide you a personalized experience. We also use personal information to contact you, send you personal information, and also to offer you a tailored buying experience. We also use these pieces of information to respond to your query you have requested.

Non-personal Information Collection
The non-personal information we collect when you visit our website is mostly log data, cookie data, and location. However, this information is not used to identify you; instead, it is used to continue our regular course of business. The log data we retrieve when you open our site using a particular browser are IP address, device information, browser settings, ISP name, and data in the first-party cookies. Even the IP address is non-personal, but under the law privacy policy, we consider it as a piece of personal information.

Our website also uses cookies and similar technologies to collect certain non-personal information when you visit our site. Cookies are stored on your device, and we utilize them to provide you better visiting experience by offering tailored products and advertisements. However, if you refuse all the cookies, then might face specific issue while accessing certain services.

Based on the device’s permission, we also collect location data that mainly comprises a country, zip code, and exact area. However, the location data is collected only if you allow our website to track your current location.

Usage of Cookies

Our website uses both cookies and pixel tags to recognize your browser or device whenever you visit our website. Our site utilizes first party and third party cookies when you open our site using a certain browser. We mostly use cookies based on non-personal information, but some of them are linked with personal information. Whenever we combined non-personal with personal information in cookie data, then keep them under personal information protocol.

The pixel tags, on the other hand, are used in cooperation with cookies to track your activity on our site. This information is used for monitoring and analyzing our website’s performance, which ultimately leads to the betterment of our site.

Our privacy policy is simple: we will never, under any circumstances share your Personal Data with third parties for the third parties’ direct marketing purposes. Read our complete privacy policy to learn about our commitment to protecting your information. You can also view and download the Privacy Policy in PDF format here.

Social Media Plug-in
Social media plug-in is another factor that our site uses, and it allows you to share your buying or visiting information with your social media friends. These plug-ins basically share your activities on our websites with others who are also using the same site.

Information Storage Time Period

The personal information storage time period is totally subjective, and they are deleted once our website doesn’t need it anymore. Although we might store certain personal information of yours to comply with privacy law and smoothen our business process.

Sharing of Personal Information

All your personal information is only shared with our partners, group organizations, and third-party services that offer data processing services to our site. In addition, our business and affiliate units will also have access to your personal information as they are the one who processes personal information.

We also have to share your personal information in the event of a merger, acquisition, or purchase of our business.

Data Protection

One of our main mottos is to provide optimum security of the personal data of our visitors, and we take all the necessary precautions to safeguard all the information. However, not all precautions and electronic storage are 100% secure, but still, we strive to provide the best security possible. The safety of data also depends upon and your way of accessing our website.

Our website is linked with many other sites, and these sites may collect your personal information when you access them. As we can’t control these sites so you will have to access these sites at your own risk.

If you wish, you can request our technical team to delete, update, or correct your personal information. Using the account settings, you can also opt-out of marketing emails and daily notifications we send.

Children’s Privacy Policy

Even though we don’t promote any adult content, but our website is not suitable for children who are under the age of 13. Our site doesn’t obtain any identifiable information knowingly, but if you still find any disclosure of information, then you can get in touch with us. Most importantly, if we find any disclosure of personal information in our server from your children, then we will automatically delete that information from our data server.

Modification in Privacy Policy

At Targetwild, we hold the right to modify and update our privacy policy statement at any time without offering prior notice to our visitors and subscribers. However, we will let you by email or notice after we change our privacy policy. The changes in the privacy policy will be mostly applicable to personal information that we collect from you.

So we will request you to go through the privacy policy periodically so that you can find the changes.