Best Budget Snare Drum

You don’t want to spend money on snares unless you feel satisfied with the product. However, everyone is looking for the best budget snare drums. Choosing the right budget snare drum can be difficult. Available in so many different sizes and varieties, choosing the best instrument is often a challenge.

The marketplace today is filled with many poor quality budget snare drums, but you can also find some amazing and satisfying budget snare drums out there. That’s why there is Navigator Music! Our team of music experts has brought the best budget snare drums to one place for you to see and compare.

The only way to clear confusion in what budget snare drum to buy is through reading a review written by someone that has used it. You ask yourself is that review reliable? We have that answer! Here we provide valuable information regarding the best budget snare drum so go ahead and count on it!. Navigator Music has a huge range of snare drums at all different prices. Whether you are looking for a cheap budget snare drum or an expensive top-end model, check our product’s in-depth reviews today! A pro-level sound from an affordable drum set that’s sitting around the corner of your street ? Say hello to THE one-of-a-kind best budget snare drum in town!

1. Evans EC Reverse Dot Snare Drum Head, 14 Inch

 best budget snare drum


The Evans EC Reverse Dot drum head is an excellent choice for your snare drum. It is constructed from quality latex material and has a reverse dot design for added durability. It is 14 inches in diameter and available in different diameters and other colors as well. This is crafted with the same care as our other snare heads.

We use an exclusive injection-molded process to give the drum head a durable oval shape, with two plies of film that are both reverse-wound and reverse-laid for a solid sound, as well as durability. The reverse dotting also promotes low, broad pitch and choked muted tones. This Evans snare drum head will bring out the best in any drum set.

Eclipse Reverse Dot snares are medium-weighted, reverse-dot, single ply heads that provide a fat attack and full-bodied snare response. The large hoop flare allows the head to sit on the drum and play in tune with minimal tuning. They’re a very controllable, warm-sounding snare head that’s great for a wide range of players. Great at tracking fast double strokes and ghost notes in any style of music.

A re-cut American-made mesh drumhead that features the perfect balance of depth, sustain, and brightness with a moderate attack. This is the same head design as EC2 Clear, but with a thicker top layer for a bolder tonality. The EC Reverse Dot is available in 10″ through 30″ diameter sizes. Snare drums are the heart of every brand, so you deserve nothing but the best.

Our Reverse Dot snare offers peerless innovation at a price that means anyone can broaden their playing potential. The 14-inch size and beavertail lugs make it ideal for modern percussionists, and the 2-ply composite design gives it lobstering durability. Over time, you’ll see why drummers consider this snare to be one of our best sellers.

2. Mendini Student Snare Drum Set with Gig Bag, Sticks

Mendini Student Snare Drum Set with Gig Bag


The Mendini Student Snare Drum Set with Gig Bag, Sticks, Stand, and Practice Pad Kit from Sweetwater is a complete setup with all the essentials needed to start playing right away. The drum features a 5mm birch shell for a natural sound produced without rings or overtones. With a 30-inch diameter, it’s small enough to be easily played by students or beginning drummers.

The included Octobass practice pad has tuned internal spurs that can help you master grip and technique on the drum. Our Mendini Student Snare Drum Set is the ultimate drum set for the aspiring snare drummer.

It arrives with a black snare drum, silver-plated brass hardware, hi-hat and cymbal, drum stool, sticks, and a practice pad, providing everything needed to get started learning how to play drums. Whether you are looking for an affordable option to learn on or something more professional, this snare drum set is tough enough for some of the best touring musicians in the world.

We are a company that has been a major force in the music industry for over 20 years. Our goal is for you, the musician, to succeed. This drum set from our value series includes a 5×14 inch chrome snare drum with a high-gloss finish, a quality 1/2 inch 4 ply maple shell snare equipped with professional hooks and eyelets, and finished with our exclusive glimmer coat finish.

This Snare Drum Set with Gig Bag, a very affordable option for beginning drummers. The set includes a 14″ snare drum, 3 piece drumsticks, a drum key, and a practice pad. Our convenient packaging allows for easy setup and storage. Get your child started early with a drum kit that’s as easy on the wallet as it is to use. This Mendini Student Snare Drum Set with Gig Bag, Sticks, and Practice Pad Kit features everything you need from start to finish.

3. Big Fat Snare Drum – Steve’s Donut 14″

Big Fat Snare Drum


The Big Fat Snare Drum from Steve’s Donut is made of 8 plies of poplar wood and has a 14″ diameter. It is coated in nitrocellulose lacquer that allows the sound of the snare drum to come through. This makes it a great option for beginners at an affordable price.

Big Fat Snare Drum This 646g snare drum includes a sturdy stand, a nice stick bag, it comes with a set of sticks and many other accessories ( mallets, ear muffs ) Budget Snare Drums are designed for beginners or experienced musicians who want to practice at home. You can hit “like” on facebook if you want the best budget snare drum for your money.

Our best budget snare drum represents another classic in the development of our product range. The Big Fat Snare Drum has been specially designed to appeal to a rock audience and to stand out on stage. Like all of our drums, it features an optimized steel shell and throw-off lever for smooth and easy adjustment.

After weighing about 10 of the top budget snare drums currently available this is a high-quality snare drum that was able to compare with many models in 2 times its price range. Masterworks’ best budget snare drums are made from high-density poplar wood and are finished with a clear lacquer that smooths out the grains and a myriad of nuances.

The non-tremolo strainer is hand-tightened and includes a tension adjustment screw in the butt of the drum. This masterwork Big Fat Snare Drum – Steve’s Donut measures 14″, has a 5.5″ chrome bearing edge, and weighs only 3 lbs 9 oz. This snare drum features a 16 x 16-inch brass shell that is made from extra thick 16 gauge spun brass to give you a true, full-bodied tone and plenty of warmth.

The snare stands mounting bracket gives this drum maximum resonance—perfect for rock drummers. It also comes with an ultra-smooth 5/16 inch Remo pinstripe hybrid head and its own snare stand for convenience.

4. Vangoa Snare Drum Kit, Marching Snare Drum, 14″ x 5.5″ with 10mm Padding Carry Bag

Vangoa Snare Drum Kit


The VANGOA Snare Drum is a very important part of every instrumental percussion section. It mainly comes in different sizes, but 14″ x 5.5″ with 10mm Padding Carry Bag, 5A DrumSticks, Speed-up Drum Key, Strap, Drum Mute Pad is the most popular size used by schools and music professionals. It is a durable drum that can be used for many and varied occasions.

The design of this drum is stylish and looks gorgeous. The head of the drum is protected with two layers of calfskin. Its heavy gauge metal rim is accompanied by a brass tension hoop and feet mounts attached to it. Developing in the past few years, particularly in the music field, the snare drum has become a pretty hot item.

Not only can this be used to develop your skills, but it can also be a great musical instrument that plays very legendary percussion sounds. This hand-made Vangoa 14″ x 5.5″ Snare Drum is suitable for both amateurs and people who play professionally. With a polycarbonate shell, this durable drum is made of good material to ensure that the qualified standard will be achieved.

Never let yourself settle for less than the best! Give yourself the gift of a Vangoa Snare Drum and take your drumming to new heights. Built from quality material, our budget snare drum is sturdy and durable. Designed to last as a beginner percussion instrument, it is also perfect for children, teenagers, and adults alike.

It has noise reduction features that help minimize annoyances during practice or rehearsal, as well as when marching outdoors in parades and competitions. Built to withstand all kinds of weather conditions, you can confidently march it under rain or shine without fear of damage or malfunction.

The Vangoa Snare Drum Kit gives you great sound quality minus the costs you will incur from buying individual pieces. Use this to improve your band or orchestra’s performance at school or on tour.

5. ADM 14″X 5.5″ Student Snare Drum Set, Kids Snare Drum Beginner Kit with Stand

ADM Student Snare Drum Set


We are proud to introduce you to our new Generation 3 14″x5.5″ Student Snare Drum Kit. This drum kit is designed especially for kids and beginner players who are looking for an entry-level drum set at a great price! The right drum set can inspire you to practice and succeed, but finding a starter set that’s the best choice for a beginner can be hard.

With the 14″X 5.5″ Student Snare Drum Set from ADM Drums, you get an instrument with real acoustic tone and weight, convenient assembly right out of the box, and a stand to help get started right away. A free drum key is included so you can adjust your snare with ease, and a drum mute will protect your floors from unwanted noise while you’re learning.

Start the young percussionist on a path toward excellence with the ADM beginner’s kit. The ADM 14″X 5.5″ student snare drum set has all of the essentials to get started, including a 12″ training pad, 18″ practice pad, 16″ hoop stand, drum sticks, drum key, and instructional DVD. This budget drum kit makes learning a rewarding experience for your young one.

This Snare Drum Set is great for the development of drumming skills. The set includes everything needed to get started except a pair of drumsticks. It is very durable, easy to use, and affordable. Learn basic drumming techniques with this Drum Set!

The best budget snare drum is the ADM 14″X 5.5″ Student Snare Drum Set, Kids Snare Drum Beginner Kit with Stand, Drum Mute Pad, Strap, Drum Sticks, Drum Keys, Black.

6. GRIFFIN Snare Drum | Poplar Wood Shell 14″ x 5.5″ with Black PVC

GRIFFIN Snare Drum


GRIFFIN Snare Drum is ready to hit the drumline from day one. Constructed with a Poplar Wood Shell and Black PVC Coated head, this Marching Percussion musical instrument set comes with a 5 piece shell pack, snare strainer throw-off, drum key, and tuning lugs. Order today and get a bonus GRIFFIN drummers’ key.

It has a coated black PVC shell, a head made of poplar wood, metal 8 tuning lugs, and two strainer throw-offs. This snare drum comes with a drum key to make tuning easy. This Snare Drum is an affordable option for beginning drummers.

Backed by the manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranty, this 14″ x 5.5″ Poplar Wood Shell snare is equipped with a coated head, 8 metal tuners, and a tight-playing snare system. Assembly required. This snare drum is the best budget snare drum for the casual drummer.

Excellent for beginners and advanced players alike, this drum features a Poplar wood shell coupled with a steel shell to make it louder and brighter. The head is covered in PVC which delivers a consistent tone across every strike. It also includes tuning lugs, a groove throws off for quiet tuning and a drum key.

All of the essentials needed to play this drum: tuning wrench, 8 metal tuning lugs, throw off, and a snare strainer. The shell is made of 100% poplar wood, an ideal material for a budget snare drum. Includes a drum key which is the most important tool for any drummer.

This 14 x 5.5 wood shell comes standard with a coated head on top for extra durability and a black PVC bottom to prevent rusting and a throw-off. It’s perfect for marching percussion, school bands, or any other musical situation where you have little to no space. Great for beginners or experienced players, this snare is a steal at such a low price.

7. Vangoa Snare Drum Set, Student Snare Drum Kit with Stand

Vangoa Snare Drum Set


Our Vangoa snare drum is the best budget snare drum you can get! It is a versatile kit for practice, performance, or customizing. The drum shell is made of wood and comes in several varnish options to choose from. It features a 2-way anti-skid hoop. From beginner musician to professional, we believe our high-quality Vangoa Snare Drum Set will be your option to play drums!

Perfect for the school band, beginner drumming set, or as a gift for loved ones. This Snare Drum is a sturdy starter drum kit for any drummer. It includes a quality shell fitted with both heads and essential tuning hardware to give anyone the chance to experience the joy of playing their very own snare drum.

The included drum mutes are perfect for practicing without disturbing others, and the double-braced stand makes sure that your new kit stays put. The set contains a Remo 12″ snare drum with a straight stand, a set of padded drum sticks, a drum key, and a padded drum case for easy transportation. It is an excellent choice for the beginner or intermediate player!

The Snare drum is made of high-quality abs material, with good resilience. It is suitable for beginner students studying in music schools, playing percussion and drumming band. The design is simple, which can help you easily handle it. It is friendly to use and durable for long time. Snare Drums are often the most important part of a band, but that doesn’t mean they need to be expensive!

The Vangoa drum set is a quality set at an affordable price. The Vangoa Snare drum is an entry-level snare drum, with a 14″ diameter and a 5.5″ depth which makes it a great fit for students of all ages or beginners who want an affordable drum that sounds great. This snare has been constructed from wood and has a bright tone and the choice of two finishes (Brown Lacquer or Black Lacquer) the finish allows it to match any decor.

8. Piccolo Snare Drum 13″ x 3.5″ by GRIFFIN | 100% Poplar Wood Shell with Zebra Wood Finish & Coated Drum Head

Poplar Wood Shell with Zebra Wood Finish & Coated Drum Head


Expand your drum kit with this budget snare drum, constructed from 100% poplar wood for a weighty, full tone. With a durable zebra wood finish and coated drum head, this marching snare features a bright tone and brilliant attack that will make it stand out amongst the crowd. With a 13″ x 3.5″ Poplar wood shell and a Zebrawood finish, the Piccolo Snare drum has an exceptional quality of sound.

This 100% wooden percussion instrument is designed for students and professionals alike with a Brilliant attack. The metal hoops are double braced, making the body of the drum even more sturdy, as well as providing greater resonance. The Piccolo snare drum, measuring at 13″ x 3.5″, is an affordable snare drum for percussionists of all skill levels.

This snare works well for drummers who want to purchase their first budget snare drum and users who want a portable practice instrument. The shell of this Piccolo drum is constructed from 100% poplar wood and coated in zebra wood finish. It also features an easy-to-adjust spring tension system.

Our Piccolo Snare Drum is the world’s best budget snare drum for superior marching sound at an affordable price. Our 100% poplar wood shells create a sound similar to that of more expensive wooden drums but without the high price. Our production factory is located in Indonesia, where our craftsman create the highest quality of marching drums.

This Snare Drum is ideal for marching enthusiasts or drumming students. It is small in size but has a bright tone due to its Pro-level maple hoops, washable pig skinheads on both sides, and 100% poplar wood shell. It’s one of the best budget or piccolo snares for sale. Tone King Professional Piccolo Snare Drum is a Marching Percussion Instrument for all drummers.

This smooth-sounding Drum with Brilliant Attack is Great for Concerts, Gigs, Recording Studios, or Just Decoration.

9. Popcorn Snare Drum by GRIFFIN | Soprano Firecracker 10″ x 6″ Poplar Wood Shell with Hickory PVC

Popcorn Snare Drum by GRIFFIN


Popcorn is an attractive and affordable concert snare drum! This percussion craftsman’s choice is the soprano firecracker size, perfect for a small drummer’s hands. The 10″ x 6″ Poplar wood shell has an all-maple reinforcement with two laser-cut air vents. The precision-machined, permanent nylon hoops offer the fine-tuning capability for the ultimate in tuning control.

Popcorn includes a deluxe drummers kit complete with a key, throw-off set including thumb screw, extra strainer & a leather washer, and a free drum practice pad! This Solid Wood Popcorn Snare Drum by Griffin may be the best budget snare drum around.

The price is unbeatable, but the quality is all high-end! At 6″ x 10″, it gives off a penetrating crisp sound that can cut through a band to keep everyone in tune through their most difficult solos. The wood shell provides a warm acoustic tone that you could never get from plastic. The strainer throw-off set is worth mentioning as well!

This 10″ x 6″ Popcorn Snare Drum is an excellent starter snare drum for intermediate percussionists. This snare features a concert percussion snare drum design, built with a poplar wood shell that is run through an automatic lathe to give it consistent thickness and smooth edges.

The hickory PVC drumhead comes with a whopping 13-ply rating so you can really make the most of your percussion experience in concert situations. Combine this snare with melodic instruments for an ensemble, or use it as a solo instrument to bring even more variety to your performances. The Popcorn features a 10″x6″ Poplar shell that not only makes it light but also resonant and full of tone.

This drum has the perfect punch, projection, and tone for every performance setting: home, school, church, and the stage. At Griffin, we understand that music education should be fun and thrilling while laying an important foundation for learning – which is why we are committed to providing innovative products with superior quality at an affordable price. The Griffin Popcorn collection delivers just that!

10. Kuyal 13×3.5 Inch Professional Snare Drum with Black PVC Glossy Finish

Professional Snare Drum with Black PVC Glossy Finish


Kuyal 13×3.5 Inch Professional Snare Drum with Black PVC Glossy Finish, Drumsticks, Drum Key Strap Set for Students & Professionals, Black, With robust sound and excellent resonance, the Kuyal 13 x 3.5-inch snare drum offers a full range of musical possibilities.

Its exceptional versatility makes this instrument perfect in professional settings but also at home or in a recording studio as part of a student’s personal gear. This Professional Snare Drum with Black PVC Glossy Finish, Drumsticks, Drum Key, Strap Set for Students & Professionals, Black This compact drum is not just smaller in size, but affordable in cost.

The PVC glossy finish resists corrosion for a longer time and the drum is easy to tune. It is the perfect support tool for any drummer. The drum comes with a set of 6 pairs of drum sticks, 5 pairs of white, and 1 pair of black as well as a free carry bag for easy portability. This Snare Drum from Kuyal comes with a durable black PVC glossy finish.

The drum features premium quality horse-hide heads and heavy-duty hardware. Built to withstand the daily drummer, this drum offers a superior strumming experience. It is a perfect choice for amateurs as well as professionals. With an amazing finish, natural color, and seamless look, this budget snare drum is stylish and eye-catching.

If you are a beginning drum or percussion player, a drummer who needs an extra drum to use in a larger band, or a professional drummer who needs to be prepared for any eventuality, the Kuyal 13”x3.5 Inch Drum is a must-have accessory.