Best bass drum pedal

There is no consensus among drummers as to the best kick drum pedal across the web. That can leave you wandering around in a wilderness of options and hype. Losing money by making the wrong purchase decision? We hate that. It can be really stressful knowing you might spend hours in front of your computer researching every detail in a product to find the best option for your needs.

So you want the best bass drum pedal? Sure, we all do. But how are you supposed to find it? The fear of facing this problem often deters people from going out there and being the best that they can be. There are hundreds of products out there, all completely different, but promising the same thing.

If you have googled “Best Bass Drum Pedal” you’ll have seen many lists and reviews but we guarantee that our site is better. The only real list of best bass drum pedals currently available online, based on votes from trusted DJs/producers, includes more products (listed alphabetically) meaning there is a smaller chance your future Kick Pedal will be left out of the Best Bass Drum Pedal list.

We’ve done all the hard work for you! Whether you’re looking for acoustic, electronic, or even double bass pedals; we’ve put together this little ditty of a guide just for you.

1. DW DWCP5000AD4 Accelerator Single Bass Pedal

best bass drum pedal


The Accelerator pedal features a Delta II ball bearing hinge for increased durability and a Tri-Pivot Toe Clamp that allows for 360° angle adjustment. The Dual-chain drive system delivers a solid feel and plenty of power. Stable, adjustable, and durable, the DW 5000 single bass drum pedal is perfect for the serious beginner or the seasoned professional drummer.

‘ We’re musicians just like you who’ve spent our lives playing in bands, touring around the world, and recording in world-class studios. We design our gear to help you express yourself within the first 10 milliseconds of feel that way too. With a clamping Force of 55 pounds, the Accelerator pedal has double the gripping power of a regular bass drum pedal.

The Tri-Pivot Toe Clamp allows for fine tuning to fit any bass drum hoop, and a 57% increase in spring strength increases the power behind your playing. A single-beater pedal with an all-metal 5/8″ sensor sprocket and cam system, the Accelerator is sure to keep you rocking . The Dual-Chain Accelerator Sprocket absorbs up to 30% of the energy generated at your feet.

Our most powerful drum pedal, it’s designed with premium materials and innovative features to withstand extreme playing conditions for years. The Tri-Pivot Toe Clamp and oversized delta II ball bearing hinge provides maximum stability during explosive double bass drumming. With a double-chain drivetrain, tri-pivot toe clamp, and an adjustable heel plate, this pedal gives you maximum flexibility in any size or style kit.

And with the addition of an accelerator sprocket system for smoother action, you not only get a great-feeling pedal with excellent response, but one that’s built to handle the road.The Tri-Pivot Toe Clamp allows for the smooth rocking motion that is key to achieving pure rolling power. The ball bearing hinge offers smooth swiveling action and reduces stress on wires to eliminate some of the sound inherent in all riveted connections.

2. TAMA HP200P Iron Cobra 200 Single Pedal

TAMA Single Pedal


Let every beat count with the HP200P Iron Cobra 200 single bass drum pedal. This drum pedal is built for maximum control and stability. This single chain-drive all metal, double pedal features a solid aluminum cam, die-cast claw foot, and a reinforced dual axle with bar brackets.

It’s reduced distance between pedals makes this light-weight (5.2 lbs.), durable pedal perfect for small to mid-sized bass drummers. This single pedal has a 46 mm field drive cam and die-cast footboard. It’s quiet, and with a 4-way footboard adjustment, it can be positioned to play any style of music – even underfoot.

Professional drummers depend on their equipment to provide stability, consistency and reliability. This is built for the drummer who wants an enhanced drumming experience and demands the best of everything. Tama’s unique direct drive system provides complete control over the beater angle to instantly tune your playing feel. It’s also features Tama’s F——O Ring which maintains smooth pedal action for high performance without the need for lubrication.

This is loaded with performance features like the exclusive 2-way adjustable cam, which provides two different feel/playability options. A single chain drive provides greater durability than double chain drives, and the high power aluminum Cobra plate allows you to play harder without fear of breaking something. Made for rock solid performance that will last for years, It is your new best friend.

They have Multi-position height adjustment with Stepless non-slip metal cylinder, Long stroke pedal that allows for slower and quieter action, Swing mechanism allows you to rock it more easily. A spring and cam mechanism give the pedal a natural rebound when you lift your foot off the pedal, which provides greater clarity and enhanced playability, Footboard features an ergonomic design for ease of use at any age or level of ability.

3. DW 5000 Turbo Single Bass Pedal

Turbo Single Bass Pedal


The DW 5000 bass drum pedal is an amazingly powerful single-pedal design. Dual-chain drive for even power through the entire stroke. Lightweight, die-cast aluminum mechanism for faster action and lighter weight. Delta II ball bearing hinge system for quicker movement of the beater head and fast response to your playing style.

Tri-Pivot Toe Clamp provides secure grip of the beater to the bass drum head. Even tension on clamping mechanism to prevent slippage and maintain beater angle when tightened by hand or with optional pliers. In addition to the rich, smooth action of the ball bearing hinge, cast aluminum “turbo sprockets” are incorporated into the linkage system.

The result? Increased speed and smooth action… with unmatched strength and stability. Features: Tri-Pivot Toe Clamp, Delta II Ball Bearing Hinge, Turbo Sprocket, Dual Bearings. Dual-chain drive makes for maximum power transmission and it’s built for years of reliable performance. Quality components include axle bushings made from solid brass and long-life ball bearings.

The innovative Tri-Pivot Toe Clamp is constructed with solid brass for maximum durability and allows you to easily slide into position after adjustment for the perfect fit. This pedal is easy to use, built for use by professionals, and perfectly crafted with quality in mind. Its solid construction will keep it up-and-running for years, even in extreme conditions.

Upgrades include an all-new Cam Lever sprocket for quicker disassembly without tools, a new Tri-Pivot Toe Clamp for even more precise toe alignment, a new end cap design with no Allen wrench required for field adjustments, and improved hardware that ensures smoother performance of the precision-balanced rocker shafts.

These features add up to an even more efficient pedal motion combined with superior support, stability and heel retention – important elements in the production of a great drum sound.

4. PDP By DW 400 Series Double Pedal

PDP Double Pedal


The pedals are outfitted with 400 Series-inspired linkage and a universal joint. The double pedal features a single chain-drive system with offset cam, while the single pedal delivers tried-and-true performance with an open, hook cam configuration. Plus, both pedals sport PDP’s patented 2-way beaters, which remove to fit any size bass drum head, and are highly responsive for strength and sensitivity.

Built-in spurs, an auxiliary rear base plate, built-in drum key and clip accommodate any kit situation. The best bass drum pedal in the line, the 400 features 400 Series linkage and universal joints for optimum flexibility. No other bass drum pedal provides this level of smooth rebound and superior control.

It’s Drums are some of the most popular heavy-duty double pedal drums available. With a strong steel base and solid cast metal construction, the drum pedal easily lasts years and years of constant use. The set comes with 2 double beaters, two 2-way beater heads, and an Auxiliary side base plate for a more quiet playing experience. This amazing kit is great for all types of music genres from country to rock.

The new It Series Double Pedal give you a solid platform to rock your kit. This pedal is designed to withstand the rigors of the road with high-quality materials, and be tough enough to handle a heavy work out. This pedal has a chain drive with offset cams that gives you more control as well as accuracy in your kick.

The 400 series features a 2-way beater which can provide a vintage sound on cymbals or go for a more solid, full bodied sound when hitting the bass drum head. Rock features include a single chain drive and offset cam mounting provides fast and smooth action with minimal foot travel.

5. Tama HP30 Stage Master Single Bass Drum Pedal

Single Bass Drum Pedal


The Tama HP30 stage master bass drum pedal offers all of the performance and durability that bass drummers need in an affordable, pro-level pedal. This features a solid steel base plate, smooth beater angle adjustment mechanism with tension locking screw, quick height adjustments at the tip and base for double bass setups and strategically-placed rubber feet for increased stability.

Drummers can also choose from among four different beater head configurations including a standard rubber edge beater head. This 30mm throw bass drum pedal comes with two adjustable beater rods so you’ll get optimum action between both ends of your kick drum. It has a classic, streamlined design for an old-school look, and it’s constructed with an internal cam system that will let you adjust the tension on the spring.

The single bass drum pedal has a solid iron base and is equipped with a new spring feature for longer lasting action. Lighter weight than our popular Iron Cobra pedals, these stage master models are also height This drum pedal is used to control the sound of a bass drum when playing. adjustable from 8″ to 19″ (measured from axle tip to floor).

This Single Bass Drum Pedal is perfect for the heavy hitter that needs a solid, yet lightweight pedal. The aluminum die-cast body reduces weight while maintaining strength, and the nylon roller bearings allow smooth action during pedal action so you can flawlessly transition from double strokes to single strokes and back. With its sleek gold finish, this pedal provides a look as dynamic as the playing it enables.

At first glance it may seem like any other bass drum pedal but when you dig deeper you’ll find that the stage master single bass drum pedal from Tama is anything but ordinary. This professional-grade pedal features a chain mechanism that delivers a steady feel and smooth action, superior durability, and optimum performance. It’s also equipped with Dual Delrin beater shafts for increased durability and exact feel.

6. Drum Workshop, Inc. Bass Drum Pedal (DWCP2000)

Drum Workshop Bass Drum Pedal


The DWCP 2000 Single Bass Drum Pedal is DW’s most advanced bass drum pedal offering only the finest components and quality construction.   When sitting at the sweet spot of a DW 5000/6000 series snare drum, this pedal with its wide sweeping beater offers a deep and controlled stroke that takes your musical grooves to the next level.

The secret to great bass drum sound is in creating a pedal with a tautness and response that enables you to execute delicate and crisp strokes while still allowing you to slam. Drum Workshop, Inc. has accomplished this by designing a pedal that offers more contact area and smooth response.

The adjustability of the Bass Drum Pedal enables the player to change the toe height as well as the spring tension without loosening any screws, replacing any parts, or using any tools. It supports your kick rhythms with a high level of stability so that you can focus on flamming, or slam-tapping without having to worry about overpowering the drum.

The rubber heel provides outstanding grip for quick starts and stops, while a spring-loaded cam works with 0.09″ single-wrapped strands for lightning fast response. The footboard movement will give you fine control of your stroke, while the cam action will give you the pop and sound you’re looking for in a bass drum pedal.

These pedals are made in our own drum shop using select birch wood, rubber, and cast metal to ensure that you get great quality! The zero-flex spindle provides nearly instantaneous tip-to-butt response. DW’s exclusive Tip Saver Technology and wide channel baseplate make this pedal extremely solid, versatile, and durable.

This top of the line pedal features a new and improved cam system for longer life, sealed ball bearings, and a thicker carpet grip. The look and feel are classic DWB with a die cast base, oversized rubber sliders, durable composite toe clamp, and a metal chain cover.

7. Gibraltar 6711S Dual Chain Double CAM Drive Single Bass Drum Pedal

Gibraltar Dual Chain Double Single Bass Drum Pedal


The Gibraltar 6711S is a double chain pedal designed for single bass drum performance. Features include: Smooth heel-toe rocking motion for military and concert marching, motorized kick clamp, CDR (constant double action) spring tension adjustment control system, 2-way beater cradle to angle the beater head up or down by using the tilting axle, beaters are white – 2 different size beaters included chain drive system, with self lubricating dual bearings on both the inner and outer side of each chain to protect from contact with skin, provides super smooth motion.

The ultra-lightweight cast aluminum body features “no slip” rubber feet for improved stability, while the single footboard attachment makes it easy to set up and tear down your kit.It is a rugged single bass drum pedal with two 1/2″ throw cams and double chain drive. A special asymmetrical shape gives this pedal a wide range of footboard motion, because movement at the toe is limited in both directions, the footboard travels further as the heel is raised. This series offers improved durability, faster operation, and smoother action.

It Single Bass Drum Pedal with the new redesigned cam system features full 360° rotation and are manufactured from a solid piece of aircraft aluminum. This is a single chain driven bass drum pedal which consists of an impact-resistant drive support and offers a switchable range of motion adjustment. It is constructed with two cam plates for the ease in height and angle adjustments. This new design of the Gibraltar 402 and 602 stems are drilled all the way through to extend adjustability in optional angles. This rock-solid pedal offers all of the durability and features you have come to expect from Gibraltar at a new lower price point while keeping its industry-leading technical specifications.

8. MAPEX P500TW Single Chain Independent Universal 500 Series Double Bass Drum Pedal

MAPEX Single Chain Independent


The best bass drum pedal, MAPEX P500TW Single Chain Independent Universal 500 Series Double Bass Drum Pedal is the replacement for your old and worn out bass drum pedal. It’s high technology and compact size make it a very good option for any user.

You can now enjoy the benefits of using this Single Chain Independent Universal 500 Series Double Bass Drum Pedal which will last for many years yet to come. the Duo-tone felt/ABS beater provides a balance of tones for soft and hard playing. This one-of-a-kind pedal also features a compact universal chain drive and radius rods for a better bass drum angle and footboard position.

It’s Pedal features a Duo-Tone Felt/ABS Beater, easy to tune pedal action and is available in single and double chain configurations. A Universal 500 Series™ pedal designed to offer pop-free, smooth footboard action typical of higher quality single chain pedals. It uses a multi piece drum shell configuration which guarantees uniform contact between the beater and the natural carpet covering on all major brand drums.

The best bass drum pedal is a single chain independent universal double bass drum pedal with two-tone felt and ABS beater. It creates a revolutionary new kinds of double bass drums pedals. As the first product in This series, it has more advantages than common double bass drum pedals on the market. It does not produce noise under a certain strike speed and has bigger rebound and flexablity.

This series produces a wide range of acoustic output from subtle to extreme, while the Duo-Tone felt / ABS beater with adjustable pedal height provides versatile playing for left or right foot, heel-toe technique, or two bass drums. The Duo Tone felt beater can be swapped out for an ABS beater to allow use on different surfaces. This bass drum pedal is suitable for most levels of drummers.

9. Drum Workshop, Inc. 3000 Series Bass Drum Pedal

Drum Workshop Drum Pedal


The best bass drum pedal on the planet. The best sounding, the best looking, and the best feeling. Since 1976, DW’s 3000 Series Pedals have been getting the job done for some of the best drummers in rock and roll, from Neil Peart and Jason Bonham to Gerry Bettencourt and Mike Portnoy.

So what makes our flagship pedal the best? It starts with Dual-chain Turbo Drive system that delivers a super-fast and smooth – but never sluggish – beater response. Its two-way beater is ideal for string basses and snare drums. The pedal’s bearing spring rocker assembly and round cam drive offer smooth action.

Since their inception in the ’60s these pedals have been used by some of the greatest drummers and bands in history. The pedal features a two-way beater, bearing spring rocker assembly, and a dual-chain drive system. These pedals feature a dual chain turbo drive system that is ultra strong, an all-metal beater and a bearing spring rocker assembly that makes playing on stage night after night a breeze.

The wide platform is ideal for double bass pedals and more. This pedal has an adjustable chain that delivers a double whammy and delivers greater range of motion. The lightweight die cast housing houses a dual-chain turbo drive system, with a precision beater and bearing spring rocker assembly that helps you get deep, solid bass drum sounds that will overcome the loudest possible band mix.”

Each pedal’s stroke-adjustment system ensures that the beater strikes the head squarely for consistent tone & output, and that allows you to vary its speed to match your playing style. Two-way beaters offer the same playing feel regardless of which way the pedal is moving.

Dual-chain turbo drive system provides smooth, quiet operation with power to spare. It also features easy swivel adjustment, beater position indicator, and an innovative five-step adjustable rocker assembly for maximum control.

10. Sonor Drums Perfect Balance Pedal by Jojo Mayer

Sonor Drums Perfect Balance Pedal


The drum pedal, as we know it, is about to change. The best bass drum pedal uses a new board material that is more rigid than the acrylic of yesteryear. It features a low mass drive system and best bass drum pedal by Jojo Mayer incorporates a revolutionary strap and chain combination. The Ballistic fiber strap and double chain are easily interchangeable.

Plus, there are Non-Proprietary Standard Allen screws are metric items that can be obtained at every good hardware store. No need to special order replacement screws any longer. Its ballistic fiber strap and double chain are easily interchangeable. Plus, there are non-proprietary standard Allen screws that can be obtained at every good hardware store.

No need to special order replacement screws any longer. The unique design allows Joachim Mayer to play with sensitivity and incredible dynamic range while playing the world’s most famous stages and recording with world renowned artists. The low mass drive system minimizes energy absorbing losses and therefore offers you the highest possible power output.

This is the first all-ballistic. fiber wrapped pedal in the industry — one more reason this pedal is destined to become the most popular out there. It has an elongated pedal board with an additional mounting hole at the rear. The ball bearings are mounted to reduce the friction and wear while the low mass shoe allows the pedal plate to float for an extremely smooth feel.

The placement of the weights is strategically balanced to ensure that the pedal center of gravity is below the common position on a bass drum. This allows for more mobility of the foot during quick cuing or heel-toe technique. Just set up your kit and feel your way around.