About Mike Tompkins

Mike Tompkins is a passionate music educator who has touched the lives of thousands of people around the world as a singer/songwriter, performing artist, and guitar teacher.

Mike’s desire to inspire, teach, and facilitate learning opportunities for students of all levels is fueled by his love of guitar-centric music and the guitar itself. What began with lessons at the Wallace Guitar Studio in Seattle has now grown to include over 100 online video tutorials that have been viewed over 2 million times and that reached every corner of the world.

Mike Tompkins is a fresh new pop/hip hop artist from Ilderton, Ontario. Mike started off his songwriting career in 2010 with the release of “Drunk Girls” through eOne Music Canada. The song was featured on MTV, MuchMusic, and CTV. With the success of his hit single, Mike went on to release two more singles including “Dance All Night” and “My Body”, which also received much media attention including a video on CBC.

Who We Are

We are Tompkins.fm, a group of ex-musicians, providing types of musical instruments

What Is Our Motto?

Tompkins is about music, musical instruments, folk instruments, and more. It’s often about opinionated arguments about getting the best bang for your buck in musical instruments, in particular drum hardware like drums, stands, cymbals, and pedals. You’ll also find news about upcoming musical instrument shows. The articles are written by a drummer/writer who happens to have a degree in journalism and has been reviewing music instruments for over 10 years.

How We Test A Product?

Every product here at tompkins.fm, has been tested by either our editors or our staff musicians. It may have also been reviewed by an outside source, such as a magazine writer or professional musician — but we won’t know unless they tell us!

We make an effort to keep up with new releases from all of the major manufacturers and bring you timely coverage in our product reviews. Our goal is to help you decide if a particular instrument has what you need.

At the heart of our tests is a simple process: we plug in a new product and test it the way most people use it. We analyze the features, but the product through its paces, and come out the other end with a rating you can trust.

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Awards and Certifications

For our effort, we have been greeted by some prestigious awards, which is a great achievement for our team. Recently we have won the Saveur award that boosted the morale of our team by a large margin. Many organizations and experts highly appreciate our professional's and editor's work, and it also counts as a great achievement for us. Although our most significant achievement is still a considerable number of followers we have and it is increasing gradually. According to some sources, organizations like Feedspot and Detailed.com are also planning to reward us with some awards.